Zebra Hide Ottoman

Zebra Hide Ottoman

SKU: 19100

Decorative and functional, this rectangular ottoman is constructed with sustainably-sourced African Zebra hide. Complimented with a double border of nail heads.


- Natural variation to be expected – particularly the amount of mane featured and coloration of the hide

- The manufacturer does not trade in endangered or threatened animal species, as classified by CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species). The animal species used in our products thrive in protected reserves within and across Southern Africa.

- The manufacturer only purchases animal products from suppliers that are registered and regulated by the national government and/or nature conservation agencies, and whose products and production processes are regularly inspected by the relevant supervisory bodies.

- The majority of the manufacturer's hides are the by-product of a conservation process called “culling,” whereby surplus animals in nature reserves are killed and removed for the purpose of maintaining an appropriate ecological balance of species.

- No animal has been hunted for its hide or horns – they are always the by-product of death in the wild or from a legislated and permit-driven cull that is managed by the South African government.

- We do not and will not knowingly purchase or promote animal products that are derived from canned hunts, and we are strongly anti-poaching and condemn it without prejudice.


Material: African Zebra Hide

Dimensions: 44" W x 23" D x 16" H


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